Many designers use graphics tablets

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Technology Review, Web Builders | 0 comments

Many of today’s designers use graphi tablets to do much of their design. An 8×10″ or tablet sells for less than $200, however those with the monitor built-in are approximately $400 or more.

The most important part of the table use is the quality of the graphics software that will work with your tablet. The software is normally purchased seperately and many come in both a consumer and a pro version. Some tables come with “trial” or “limited” versions of software that let you get started for free until you decide what to purchase.

A few table software packages are designed for special occupations suchs animators, visual artists or graphic designers. Two such specialized software packages would be:

  • ArtRage and
  • Realistic Paint Studio

These two are intended for the visual artists that wants to create digital art that mimic watercolours, charcoal drawings or oil painting.

Give a graphics table and a good software package. You will not be disappointed. It can save many hours of design when working with photos or illustrations.


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