What does it cost for a website design?

Your cost depend on how complex a design that you want.  A typical small business website cost less than a $,1000.

How long does it cost to get my website online?

If you know what you want most websites that we design and build take less than 4 weeks.

Cand I sell items on my website?

Yes we can design your website so that you can sell your products on-line.  However, the development of a store for you will cost extra.  The actual cost depend on the inventory that you have.  A 100 item store will cost less than a site with a 1,000 plus items.  Contact us – our estimates are free.

Do you offer website maintenance?

Of course.  For a small maintenance fee we can do all of the work making sure that your website works, keeps hackers at bay, and has updated software and information.

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