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SEO – 2 day Workshop

Where are my visitors?
You will not get traffic unless your site is easy to find and encourages visitors. We will show you how write powerful and valuable content that uses the latest techniques in Search Engine Optimization. You will quickly see increased site traffic.
The Importance of SEO
Most websites get very few visits. The design of these sites and their content is not taking advantage of techniques that will drive traffic to their site. They instead visit other better designed websites. Search Engine Optimization is a powerful method of getting internet users to visit your site. The techniques are somewhat complex and difficult to learn on your own, especially if you are busy being an entrepreneur, blogger or a small business owner.
Two Day SEO/CONTENT workshop
We offer a 2 day SEO workshop that will help you increase traffic to your site. You will learn how to write content, optimized to attract traffic to all parts of your site. This will be true for all of the various search engines.

SEO /CONTENT Workshop Day 1
• Overview of SEO
• SEO tools
• Measuring you SEO score (https://varvy.com/mobile/) and others
• Making use of Headers
• Key words
• “Longtail” key words
• “LSI” key words
• Key word analysis
• On page factors
• Post title length
• Power words
• Issues with images
• On-Page factors
• Off site factors
SEO SEO/CONTENT Workshop Day 2
• Ranking
• Google Algorithms
• Google Analytics
• Site Maps
• User Maps


These workshops cost $200/Day for up to 3 individuals.
That is less than $70/day for each person.

WordPress – 3 Day Workshop

3 Day Workshop
If your would prefer to design, build and maintain your own site, then we can help you do this. We offer a hands-on 3 day workshop using WordPress and the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes.
You will learn WordPress best web design techniques, basic content writing and SEO tricks to help you generate traffic to your site. Read the rest of this post for a detailed course outline.
Day 1
• What is WordPress?
• WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org
• Hosting services
• Installing WordPress
• Themes
• Divi – Elegant Themes
• Other Themes
• Posts vs. Pages
• Post Categories
• Post Tags
• Plugins
• Creating Custom Menus
• Inserting Images
• Source of free images
• Inserting Video
Day 2
• Widgets
• Website security
• Creating Slideshows
• Screen Options
• Image Gallery
• Themes
• Make the homepage a Page
• Image editing (free tools)
• Site back ups
• Links
• Back links
• Outgoing links
• Internal links
• Writing Content
• Media Issues
Day 3
• Creating Landing pages
• Site speed optimization checklist
• SEO Checklist
• Install SEO Plugin
• Email Marketing
• Social Media integration
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Special Pages:
• Landing Pages
• Privacy
• Cookies
• Terms and Conditions
• Site Map

Let’s work together

If your would like to build your own website and don’t quite know where to start then contact us.  We have helped others do just that.  We can help you with design, development or maintenance of your website if you already have one.

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