Show WordPress post categories in your URL

Most WordPress websites show the title of a post in the browser URL.  However, it is sometimes useful to show both the post title and the category of the post.  This helps with SEO and makes it clear to the visitor just where they are with respect to the post that they are reading. It is really simple to make this change.

You access the Settings option in your dashboard and you will see the Permalinks option.  Click on Dashboard/Settings/Permalinks and you will see the permalinks setting screen.  A part of which is show below.

As you can see permalinks are set to show the post name (title) as part of the url.
Show WordPress post category in url

We can change this using the Custom option as shown below.  You can add any of the tags listed.  In this example we have added the category and the postname tags to the site url.

Show WordPress post category in url

You can combine any of the other available tags such as the year, post_id or the others.Show WordPress post category in ur.

This is a simple change to your site url that improves your SEO and makes the navigation of your posts more informative to your visitors.