Divi Booster (A solution to some Divi Theme issues)

The Divi theme from Elegant Themes is a complete visual approach to developing web sites.  However, like many products it is not perfect.  Skilled developers often resort to CSS  or java-script to add features that they feel are important to their development effort.

This of course takes time.  Sometimes a plugin will solve the problem meaning that someone else has already completed the coding for  us.  One such plugin is Divi Booster.  It is a small plugin that addresses a number of issues in Divi and  was developed by Dan  Mossop.

My review is based on extensive experience with this plugin.

What I like about the Divi Booster plugin.

  • It is easy to install
  • It is kept up to date with WordPress and Divi versions
  • It is simple to use and
  • I have not had any conflicts with my other plugins or with the Divi theme.

Divi Booster Features

This is the settings screen for the plugin.  Each of the 9 categories of features opens to display the full set of options that can be applied to the Divi theme.  We will look at some of these.

Divi Booster settings screen

Divi Booster settings screen

Here is a brief breakdown of each of the Categories

1. Site wide settings

Divi Booster site wide settings

2. Header

divi booster header settings

3. Posts

4. Side Bar

5. Footer

6. Divi Builder

7. Modules

Divi Booster has a number of modifications available for most of the Divi Modules such as Text, Slider, Gallery and so on.  This is an example of the modifications that can be made to the Slider Module.

divi-booster settings-Slider module

8. Plug-ins

9. CSS Manager

This area shows any code that you already have in the Divi Custom CSS area and allows for another Custom CSS box to be added.

divi-Booster-CSS Manager

10.Developers Tools


Divi Booster is a useful tool for developers that use the Divi Theme.  It is not expensive, and features, bug fixes and changes are made quite often.  On a few occasions the Booster plugin was not in sync with the latest version of WordPress and the incompatible  message from the plugin manager would pop-up, however this does not happen often.  You can purchase the Divi Booster plugin here.