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A typical website design will cost you between $200 and $500 with website security features built into your site.   To view our costing plans click here.

To get a custom costing we have a 1 page costing sheet that can help us better determine what you particular costs will be.  Your exact cost will depend on your needs and what features you would like included.  Use our contact page to request this sheet.


Security is now an issue with most any website.  We can provide measures to prevent your site from being hacked.  WordPress can be protected using a number of different techniques.  When applied these techniques will ensure that your site and your visitors are viewing in a safe environment.  For very little cost we can install anti-hacking software for  you and provide you with weekly or monthly reports on the security of your website.

Responsive Design

Your completed website will be mobile responsive.  Responsive design will allow visitors to your site to view the site in a format that is intended for their type of equipment.  Visitors with tablets, laptops, desktops or mobile phones will see the site re-formatted for their device.  This feature is now expected from Google and soon it will result in Google search penalties.


WordPress is Search Engine-Friendly.  Google and other search engines will keep your site indexed and up to date because search engines seek out those sites that demonstrate the best SEO features.  We can do this for your site when requested.

Client Contact

Add a Blog to your site and keep in contact with your clients with special offers, new features, discounts and other messages.  Many companies use a Blog as an important part of their web-site presence.

Email Newsletters

We can include a newsletter or information sign-up on your website.  You will be able to collect email address and other information from viewers that visit your site and opt to sign-up for your newsletter.  This is a great way to keep in contact with your visitors and to establish an ongoing communications with them.


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